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Inspirational tracks from Avicii

Last week, Swedish musician, DJ, remixer and record producer Tim Bergling, also known for his stage name Avicii, died at the age of 28, in Oman. Inspired by many people, Avicii started his career in 2006 and it ended with his death in 2018. His first major success was his track “Levels”, released in 2011, topping the charts in multiple countries. In 2016, Bergling was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis caused by excessive alcohol use. During his career, he was the winner of American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and Echo Music Awards and nominated for Grammy Awards. He composed many music that will not be erased from music lovers mind and I will count some of them;


  I Could Be the One

Song by Swedish DJ Avicii and Dutch DJ Nicky Romero was released in December 2012. The song from the album “True”, became massive success in Avicii’s career and the music video of the song viewed 230.526.562 times. The music video of this song is about the woman who hates her life, job and only dreams about the free life where she will not be judged for her weight or life decisions.


Wake Me Up

With the vocals of singer Aloe Blacc, "Wake Me Up" released in June 17, 2013. Another song from the album “True” became the part of success in Avicii’s career. Peaked at number one in much of Europe, it described as a “summer anthem” Variance Magazine. The music video features two siblings who have differences from the society and looking for people like themselves. It was one of the Avicii’s videos, which passed 1 billion with 1.497.325.448 view.


Hey Brother

The album “True” is full of wonderful and inspired hits and one of them is “Hey Brother”. The song released on 28 October 2013 with vocals from singer Salem Al Fakir and became number one hit around the world for a while. The music video concept for the younger brother who wait for his older brother, who is in the Vietnam War. There are pictures and clips of Vietnam War used in the video. Video passed 139.866.175 views.


Waiting for Love

From the album “Stories”, Waiting for Love is the romantic track is the produced by Avicii and Martin Garrix. Released in 22 May 2015, the track was the single from Avicii’s second studio album. The song became number one single in some countries, and not only lyrics and music video, but also 360° video shared in YouTube. The music video begins the old man who is in the search of lost wife, and the lyrics video shows us a dog who runs to his owner who left him in the home and went to war. 363.115.576 view came to the music video of Waiting for Love.


Broken Arrows

Despite the fact that the music video only got 50 million views, but the music video was inspired by the true story, the life of high jumper  Dick Fosbury. The song was another single from the album “Stories” and became number one in Hungary and Belgium.


For a Better Day

Another single from the album “Stories” with American singer Alex Ebert, For a Better Day is piano-driven dance-pop song. The music video shows female and male characters who get revenge from the people who works for child sexual slavery. The video has more than 57 million view.


All of us want to do something that would remind to the world who we were and fortunately, Avicii did it. During his activity, Tim Bergling composed many songs that inspired other well-known DJ’s. I hope that he will Rest in Peace.


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