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Lets go “All Abroad”

May, the last month spring is full of musical and movie events. It is the month of culture and art, union of diversity and variety.  This month began with the British Film Spring and continues with the musical event of Europe, Eurovision Song Contest. Since 1956, it is the longest-running annual musical event on TV and 43 countries will participate this year.  Portugal is the host country of 63rd Eurovision, the event will take place in Lisbon. The song “Amar pelos dois”, performed by Salvador Sobral brought the first victory to Portugal.

Eurovision 2018 will be unique and meaningful with 43 countries songs, performers and stage acting. I don’t have any winner yet, but there are some songs that I would like to share.



Six-time winner of the show, this year will perform with the singer Benjamin Ingrosso’s song, “Dance You Off”. Current trend song choices of Sweden mostly made them be on top10, and I think this year will be one of those lucky years for Sweden. The vibes of the song mostly remind us the songs of Justin Timberlake and Charlie Puth.  Even if it won’t win, it will be one of the perfect summer hits that we will hear on the radio. As each year, Sweden sent the winner of “Melodifestivalen” to represent them. So, a unique qualified music of Sweden never disappoints.


One of the underrated but still good song in this year is “Stones” by ZIBBZ. The lyrics of the song is about the questioning life and humanity, and full of messages. Gfeller siblings were chosen by Swiss public and jury to represent this year in ESC2018. But Murphy hit these siblings so hard that they are in the First Semifinal aka Death Semifinal with all the favorite countries. So, they do not only need good song and performance, but also good luck.

The Netherlands

Singer of one of the most favorable songs in 2014, is come back. This year, Waylon, the singer of the Netherlands will represent his country, with the song “Outlaw In ‘Em”. The singer of pure country rock song presented five songs and “Outlaw In ‘Em” was the best choice for the Netherlands. This song has every ingredient that ESC song needs; the good vibe, performer, and performing. Not only the song but also singer Waylon excites me, I look forward to Second Semifinal.


After winning ESC2011, our country made big fall from 2014, but it doesn’t mean that the songs are bad or still. Also despite the fact that we didn’t get into Top10, most these songs were unique and meaningful. The song ” X My Heart” by Aisel will represent us in ESC this year. Singer, Aisel was inspired by her husband, who died 7 years ago. Despite the big depression in her life, she dedicates her song to her musician husband Ibrahim Mammadov, who died from cancer. I hope that she will make him proud for the last time, with being strong and independent in the stage.

Czech Republic

Considering that the song “Lie To Me” has the Jason Derulo vibes and young generation appreciate this, one of the favorite songs of this year comes from the Czech Republic. The singer Mikolas Josef already made for himself a fan union of girls, so he got the points from his charm. The song will shake the stage of ESC, but it mainly reminds “Talk Dirty to Me” by JD, hope it won’t create any problem.


From Big five, this year Germany sent Michael Schulte with the song “You Let Me Walk Alone”, an emotional ballad. the singer and the song, even the stage performance reminded me Ed Sheeran songs, but it doesn’t change the fact that the song is inimitable. For the bookmakers, the song is not placed on top 10, nevertheless, it is the markable song for this years ESC.


Number one for bookmakers, the singer Netta with the song “Toy” is about inner beauty and full of hen noises. The song is different and creepy, that is the fact that makes this song the favorite. The performance of the song will make everyone shocked but impressed at the same time.


Every year, Italy differs itself with thought-provoking songs, like last years song by Francesco Gabbani “Occidentali’s Karma”. This years song “Non Mi Avete Fatto Niente” by Ermal Meta e Fabrizio Moro has the deeper meaning, being against terrorism. The song was inspired by Manchester attack. The song quotes that “You haven’t done anything to me. You’ve taken nothing from me.This is my life, and it keeps going. Beyond everything, beyond people. Because there’s more than your pointless wars” showing how terror attacks reflect people but still, we survive and there is more in life, we can’t just focus on wars.

The first Semifinal will be held on May 8, Second Semifinal on May 10, and the Grand Final on may 12. Enjoy the watch))



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